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NEW on Updated Monthly 5.29.10

1. NEW installments of Interweave-The Hair Project WELCOME SHENGDA!
2. More Thailand @
3. Glenis Holder Paul's Portfolio
4. China Day Trips @
5. Brooklyn to Guyana Then Back Home to China @

This Month's Featured Artwork
by Glenis Paul
Touch my Hair
Great news everyone! Glenis Paul will be attending the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, China come September! Over the next few weeks, to celebrate this news and in tribute to 2 years at Shengda College, Zhengzhou, she has prepared 2 more installments of the Interweave-The Hair Project Series - Touch My Hair @ Shengda. 1. Create Your Own Unique Style and 2. Keepsake. Click HERE for more.
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Diane Paul


InterConnexOur artistic expression has many manefestations and this website is a testimony to that fact. At you can view the websites of four friends and fellow artists Glenis Paul (Holder or Francis depending on when you knew her :), Jasmin Ortiz, Ayda Girma and Diane Paul. You can also read the Blogs of Glenis and Lester Paul on their travels throughout Asia.

This is a portal into the lives of the artists, as well as a place to showcase their talents and passions. We hope your visit will be inspired. Feel free to contact us for any reason, especially if you like what you see and would like us to put our creativity to work for you! Or if you feel moved to leave us a comment about something you've seen. And come back often. There is always a new post, a new design, photo or painting waiting for your review.


XprojectThere is always something happening at and the Xproject pages are dedicated to our special fine art projects and exhibitions. It may be an art sale of our paintings, a group or individual show, or an impromptu group action on the streets organized by one of our artists. With this group you're never sure what you're going to get! Our aim is simple. To challenge your perceptions. So take a peek at your world through our eyes and and our prism of experience and then tell us what you think!


ArtConnexOur group of artists come from all over the world and represent a wide spectrum of people. We are going places and as we weave our international connections we invite you along. The Art Connex pages can be your link to a whole new world and an entire new perspective. Come with us on our travels and as we share our journeys with you and with each other. Currently Glenis and Lester Paul are blogging from China. Ayda will be travelling to Ethiopia, then India next year. Expore with us! We'll see you there at ArtConnex.




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